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Upcoming Intensive


Called By Love &
Unity Of Tustin:
Dec 12th & Dec 13th 2014

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DECEMBER 12, 7-9pm and DECEMBER 13, 10am to 4pm

Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends


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It has been called by many names…  Wombhouse, Chrysalis, Stages of Metamorphosis…even Coming Back into the Market Place with Gift-Bestowing Hands.
How have we lived this and how do we live the Holy Birth in our lives?  How do we live it together?  What does it mean to be Light in the World?

What would it mean if we recognized our ‘stories’ as Christmas Stories with roles for Angels, Magi and Shepherds?

Friday evening, we will work with what our dreams are revealing to us… On Saturday, the focus will be on how our lives are inviting us to manifest and live our own Holy Destiny.

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spiritual intensive

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CALLED BY LOVE intensive, November 14, 7-9pm and November 15, 10am to 4pm


How has purpose and joy ‘shown up’ in different ways and in different stages of your life?

In what facets of your life (relationships, romance, family, work… you fill in the blanks) has purpose and joy been amazing or sometimes missing?

How is it inter-related with our dreams and our deepest heart’s yearning? What may block it or cause it to change?

What ultimately are the KEYS to living DEEP PURPOSE and PERPETUAL JOY?

How is it perhaps part of ‘Love in the Spiral’ and ‘Joy in the Unknowing’?

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spiritual intensive

Rev. Mary Omwake, now living in Maui, is one of the great Visionaires and Dream Builders of the Unity Movement. Dr. Marj Britt has also lived her life as a Visionary and Dream Builder, manifesting many different, yet amazing dreams and visions at different stages of her life. Come and learn as Mary and Marj, deep friends for many years, lead us in connecting with our deepest longing, our deepest heart’s yearning.

David Jonathan will join them, bringing in the Mystery of how our own unconscious speaks to us in our dreams in our ‘sleeping’ hours, bringing us symbols that can be explored and understood. David began is deep dream work with Brugh Joy over 20 years ago and has studied and worked with his dreams, as well as hosting dream circles in his home for many years.

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Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends
OCTOBER 17, 7-9pm AND OCTOBER 18, 10am to 4pm

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We will be celebrating all of the ways that we have Emerged, Created, Learned, and Danced… in all of the Colors of the Canvas of our lives and of being Called By Love!

Think in terms of Magic, Mystery, Transformation, Curiosity, Delight…  Or Connection, Dreams, Inspiration, Manifestation, and Miracles…  Or Sacred, Soul Love and Visions…

What comes???  We will be celebrating Called By Love’s 3rd Birthday…and the Birth Announcement of Called By Love institute…

Called By Love October 2014 Intensive
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CALLED BY LOVE with Dr. Marj Britt, Debora DelaCuesta and David Jonathan

Sept 19, 7-9pm and Sept 20, 10am-4pm

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called by love spiritual intensiveDISCOVER how you are and have always been a ‘Co-Creator and a Container’ for Spirit in the physical world in all of the experiences and stages of your life.

SEE some of the ways in which It has ‘shown up’, in many different ways, even if you have been unaware of it, whether you realized it…or not.

LEARN how you have been ‘dreaming your dream’ consciously or unconsciously and how all of it ‘works together’ for good for those who are Called…

FIND how your UNIQUE WORK is Calling you, including your Unique Gifts as you feel the Awareness, a New Way of Seeing All of It, All the Way in your life.

RECOGNIZE how you are guided, magnetized, even ‘pulled’ by your heart’s yearning and deep desires, with Turning Points and even Surprises.

EXPERIENCE how even the Cul-de-sacs, the ‘side-tracks’ and the stuck points are part of learning and healing, and perhaps potentially the Path of the Bodhisattva.

REALIZE how the ‘Ticket Punches’ are Languages of Love with many colors, many themes and many variations…like rivers flowing to the ocean.

EXPLORE what it means to experience all of this in the container of the WE SPACE that could change your life, be part of Co-Creation and perhaps even be part of changing the world.

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WEvolution: Patricia Albere Called by Love Intensive in Tustin

WEvolution ~ PATRICIA ALBERE Live in Southern California with Called by Love & Unity of Tustin on August 15, 16, 17, 18, 2014

REGISTER HERE for any or all days. 

Early Bird: Advance Purchase by August 10

August_WEvolution2 FINAL Lower Res 363


FRIDAY: 7 – 9 pm:

Discover what this new paradigm is that is sometimes called – INTERBEING or the Age of Reunion or the wave of Unity Consciousness or a ‘higher order of human relating’. Some people point to the shift from a Newtonian/Cartesian view of reality to a Quantum view. We will explore together what is this new paradigm, why it’s important and how to we personally begin to live inside the consciousness that is available.


SATURDAY: 10 am – 4 pm:

“We exist in a web of influence. We are in a continuous, dynamic, cooperative exchange with everything. Mutual influence means being conscious of this fact and always being generous in our effort to affect each other and our relationship in the most positive, liberating and evolutionary way. “

Patricia Albere

How do we directly access this new paradigm through our capacity to relate from a different consciousness? Work with one of the core activating principles that open up the power of evolutionary relating – mutual influence. We will work with different dimensions of influence including symmetry and asymmetry.


SUNDAY: 9:00 am and 11:00 am: SUNDAY: 1:30 – 4:00 PM:  Patricia will be talking at both Services.

SUNDAY: 1:30 – 4:00 PM:

Discover what evolutionary relating is as compared to normal relating.  What are we exchanging at the highest level of development?  What is ‘post-ambivalent’ love?  How do we access the kind of wholeheartedness that allows us to enter a different dimension of love and creativity together?

Discover what evolutionary relating is as compared to normal relating. What are we exchanging at the highest level of development? Access the wholeheartedness that allows us to enter a different dimension of love and creativity together.


MONDAY: 7:00 – 9:00 PM:

Discover what intimacy means in evolutionary relating?  We will explore the consciousness of intimacy – a kind of contactful, interpenetrating awareness with our selves, each other and existence itself.



Tickets also available in the Unity of Tustin Bookstore.

Early Bird: Advance Purchase by August 10 for Entire Event: $175 or Fri: $25; Sat: $75; Sun: $50; Mon: $40
After August 10: $225 for Entire Event or Fri: $40; Sat: $90; Sun: $65; Mon: $55

Patricia will also be talking at both Services on Sunday August 17th.

mutual awakening
Mutual Trust:  A 4-week course: Click here for details and Registration
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Kosmic Leadership, Part 2 of a series presented by
Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends, including
Dr. Michael Ward and David Jonathan

Friday, JULY 18, 7-9pm and Saturday, JULY 19, l0am to 4pm

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called by love intensiveWhat is your Spiritual Autobiography in both the ‘I and the We’ Space of your life?

In this Leading Edge intensive, you will be:

Exploring Emerging Wisdom in the Shadow Dance … seeing both the Golden Shadow and the Black Madonna

Recognizing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Acts in your life … and asking ‘Is there a 4th Act?’

Embodying the Revelations of Genesis, Union, Dissolve and Resurrection in all of their Stages and States

Seeing It, both in our individual lives, as well as our family, community and organizational lives, as expressions of “Where two or more are gathered…”

Living Evolutionary Vision, Values, Passion, Practices and Purpose Experientially, as you live Top Down Vertical Awareness in Knowing and Unknowing

Finding the Divine Romance in the Commitment we feel with the Beloved in all of the layers of our lives

The curriculum will be Emerging Curriculum…

Two maps or books have been identified that we will use for those who want deeper dives:

‘Reinventing Organizations: How to create organizations inspired by the next stage of human consciousness’ by Frederic Laloux (foreword by Ken Wilber)

Patricia Albere’s forthcoming book: ‘WEvolution’

Click here to register for this Intensive

To register or see complete bio’s for Marj, Michael and David, you may go to

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in Tustin, California
Friday, JUNE 20, 7-9pm and Saturday, JUNE 21, 10am to 4pm

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June 2014 CBL Low Resolution Kosmic Leadership .jpg

Are you being called into the Next Order of Leadership?
How does your life story and unique gifts relate to Kosmic Leadership at the levels emerging?

Have you begun to ‘see’ order within chaos? Are you searching for guiding principles? Have you experienced a shift from a personal focus on desires and goals to an Awareness of the Synergy of We?

Are you looking for new meaning relative to some ‘key areas’ in your life? Have you done deep inner work? Do you experience deep Intuitive Knowing? Do you yearn to live an authentic life, even though you sometimes feel the irony of that?

Do you recognize paradox and sometimes even live with it? Have you experienced at times ‘multiple realities existing simultaneously’? Have you experienced the Power of Presence and Radiance? Do you have the gift of Dancing with what arises?

Do you move in your life with an interplay of awareness, action and transformation?

Are you aware of your life as ‘story’, even as a ‘fiction’ that is ongoingly created and creative? Do you experience the Witness self?

Do you feel free to play, to explore, to clown and to even mirror others? Have you sometimes recognized multiple subpersonalities? Do you feel you have a complex self-story or even self-identity?

Are you aware of your current self as a culmination of prior development? Are you able to be aware of ego and Higher Self through the spiral? Do you see choice between powerful action and non-action without attachment to outcome?

Do you experience compassion as you see souls in their own process of evolution? Do you recognize joy and suffering as parts of a whole? Do you experience the deep meaning of Ritual? Do you relate to it with Joy and Awe?

Have you had profound and stable feelings of a Connection to the All That Is?

Have you had a deep experience of Oneness? Do you have a vision of restoring joy and thriving to the whole of humankind?

If you said ‘YES’ to some of these questions, we would love for you to join us.

You are invited to be part of PIONEERING how these

LEADERSHIP CURRICULUMS will emerge in the next levels.

Join us for this CALLED BY LOVE Intensive with DR. MARJ BRITT & FRIENDS
Friday, JUNE 20, 7-9pm and Saturday, JUNE 21, 10am to 4pm
at Unity of Tustin, 14402 S Prospect Ave, Tustin CA 92780

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How is Love Looking for Work ~ New Telecourse with Marj Britt (Worldwide)

Picture 332

How is Love Looking for Work?
New Tele Course with Dr. Marj Britt FOUR WEDNESDAYS in May ~ May 7, 14, 21 and 28 at 10amPDT (1pmEDT)
Replay Available for Participants
Information and Registration at:

Be part of our growing Worldwide Campus of Consciousness from the comfort of your home.
Live Tele Classes (and replays) and Private online community with deep levels of shares.

You are invited to join Dr. Marj Britt for the new 4-week deeply experiential process… with you bringing your own life into the curriculum…

Do we have the ‘ears to hear’, the ‘eyes to see’ when it happens?
What is Love calling forth in your life? Are you ‘listening’?
How is it happening, how will it happen… in the Invisible, the visible, through you, As You?
Have you yearned to do work that you Love?
Have you had dreams or glimpses, even visions of what could be? How is Love, the Universe, the All That Is, actually inviting you, even asking you to embody It, manifest It?
How can you tell the difference between That, the authentic experience of Essence inviting you, and your ego?
How do you tell the difference???
What does it take?
What does It require from you? What are the Stages of how It could happen?
Are you a Dream Builder???

Does Love invite you to become One?
What would it be like to gather together in the energy field of Dream Builders and explore what it means and how it works?

Dialogue with people who have yearned to build their dreams…and have built them.
Be part of the Co-Creation of this Deep Dive into what it could mean to really build your own dream and do the work that you Love.

May 7: Dreams, Visions & Glimpses How can it be Past, Present and Future as One? What Dreams are made of… How does It manifest Its Platforms?

May 14: Values, Languages and Worldviews, one or many? Different ‘languages’ for different ‘countries’ Natural Gifts and Gifts of Genius Some are ‘free’, Always Already, some are ‘earned’

May 21: The Landscapes of our Lives, inner and outer How do we know both? How do we invite Support? Blocks and Fences Love coming across the fence…looking for work

May 28: Why is ‘Why’ important? How does it make ‘all the difference’? How do we find the first steps and then the Stairway? Diving Deeply into Co-Creation The Higher Knowing of moving from “I” to “We”


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Friday, MAY 9, 7-9pm and Saturday, MAY 10, 10am to 4pm
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called by love dream therapy training

Is it ‘To Dream the Impossible Dream’ or

Is it ‘I Have a Dream’?
Is it ‘Climb Every Mountain’ or

Is it ‘Liebestraum…Dream of Love’?
Is it ‘Once Upon a Dream’ or

Is it ‘Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat’?
Did you know that Dreamwork has deep roots in the Bible, ancient scripture thousands of years old?
Are you a Dream Weaver?

Are you a Dream Builder?
Have you understood dreams as the Language of the Unconscious?

Have you ever imagined that they could be about something important in your life?
We’ll begin with How to Interpret Dreams with David Jonathan, who has worked with dreams in his own life and hosted a dream study group for many years. He will be leading a segment on Friday evening and he will be inviting you to go home and dream. And then remember your dream…

Marj will be drawing on her own training in Gestalt dream work (with a bit of Jungian dream work slipping in perhaps) as well as her years of being a Visionary and a Dream Builder. You also will be part of the Co-Creation of this deep dive into the Play of Consciousness…if you are willing.

Some of the questions may be “Are dreams the path of the Evolutionary or the Path of the Revolutionary?” Or is it Both/And? Are dreams something to fear? Or are dreams about healing?

And “How does it all work together?” Do you know the ending of the story in Genesis 50 of Joseph and his Many Colored Dream Coat?
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7+5=12 ~ Living my Life as a Laboratory: Seventy Five Years and What I Now Know… (Marj 75th Birthday)

Marj 75 1939-2014


A Message from Marj:
I’ve always been fascinated by the number 12.It holds profound and sacred significance for me as the number of
‘Completion on the Spiritual Plane’.  I’ve actually looked forward with delight
and anticipation to my 75th birthday, which I will be celebrating on April 15th!Of course, 7+5=12.  I’ve been immensely curious about what I would feel and
learn from living my life as a laboratory in this process of
my experience of 75 years and being Called By God.

Some surprises have happened in the last three years.  One was an unexpected
moment when I was mindlessly sitting ‘curling my hair’ in front of the mirror,
totally unaware of anything spiritual.  A ‘download’ simply ‘dropped in’ saying
“Your concept of God has been too limited… You are now Called By Love.”

My stunned response was “What does That mean?”
I would have never called my concept of God too limited!
Everything I taught and ‘knew’ exemplified many paths to God.

Now I realize I was experiencing another level of Initiation
into the Higher Reaches of Love.  

I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t expect it, I didn’t even know it was available!
I would have described my life as pretty perfect… the way it was!

Love is a Way of Being.  It is the Field of energy that simply Radiates
when the blocks to Love have been surrendered.  It is Love of another kind.
It can include the ‘Hallmark kind of love’, yet it is way Beyond that.
It includes everything, the All That Is.  It is in every aspect of our lives.

As we give Love, we discover we are surrounded by Love.  
And the Presence of Love only needs to be Realized.
It is in our vocations or our avocations.
It is Love of country and Love of the world.
It is Love of family, friends, creation and creating.
It expresses as appreciation, acceptance and honoring.
With Love, Radiance is no longer hidden from us.
It is Love without an opposite.

Love heals and transforms.
In Love’s Presence miracles seem to manifest as natural occurrences.
Love can silently transfigure every situation.
Love empowers us, and others around us, to do things that seem impossible.
As we become Love, we simply live in Gratitude.
We live in a Field of Amazing Grace.

Spontaneous intuitive ‘Knowing’ begins to replace thinking.
Awareness unfolds as Revelation.  In the Spaciousness of the Inner Stillness,
we find that we ‘perceive’ the thoughts and feelings of others in a non-thinking way.
It is a simple Awareness without negative emotions.

The unconditional Love that we experience is inclusive, effortless and without choice.
It is accompanied with Radical Trust that is beyond human perception.
There is an inner Knowing of Perfection, with the Patience of Timelessness.
There is Vision with simple Openness.  Things happen Effortlessly by synchronicity.

There is a shift from the linear to nonlinear, from the limited to unlimited.
It is beyond human understanding, with Knowing of multiple realities existing
simultaneously. We let go of all doubt, all perceptions, all positions and attachments.
Our focus is on life’s Goodness, yet without demands or expectations.

Transparency is the Way that we live.  There are no hidden agendas.
Love is given without requirements.  Essence is illuminated and the Heart is open.
The Heart Knows rather than ‘thinks’ as our human mind does.

In the Now of Essence, past, present and future are One.
Even as changes still occur in time, we are inner-connected to a greater dimension.
We live in an Inner Quiet and Beauty.  
In the Cosmic Vastness there is Union and Oneness that is Forever and Infinite.

We are now in our third ‘Four-Week Tele Course’ on the invisible platform of our Worldwide Campus of Consciousness.  People are registering from around the globe, from Australia, Germany, Canada, Austria and the United States.  It is stunning for me.
Next steps are being Revealed effortlessly.
An amazing team is doing what I couldn’t have conceived of ever doing on my own.
Three years ago, before the Surprise and Shock, I couldn’t have even imagined it.

One of the participants who has registered for all of the Tele Courses that we are now doing for Called By Love and is a medical doctor from Vienna.  She posted on the Private Facebook Group for ‘Love in the Spiral’ a video from a dialogue that she had with Eckhart Tolle when she was spontaneously ‘called’ to fly from Vienna, Austria to Vancouver, British Columbia to one of his gatherings.

In that clip with Eckhart Tolle, she asked him a question about the Bible verse that talks about Faith that Moves Mountains.  Some of Eckhart’s response immediately imprinted in my heart.  Now I don’t know how much of it is coming from Eckhart and how much of it is coming from my own Awareness…

As personality recedes, Essence can come through.
Essence begins to tell you what It wants.
The Power of Consciousness itself is inseparable from Essence.
Have Faith in your entire Essence.
And Know that Spiritual Power can never be used for egoic ends.

Now I know, for me, that Spiritual Power is Love. 

And Now as I go into more of what I call my ‘4th Act’, what I also Know is
Radical Trust in That which will come through.  What is ‘coming through’ with
Called By Love is way Beyond what I’ve ever known with my rational mind.
For me, in this Now moment, it is simply Forever Love, All the Way.



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