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Upcoming Intensive

The Jesus Story

Called By Love Intensive:
April 18, 7-9pm and April 19, 10am-4pm

Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

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GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 7pm  &  HOLY SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 10am to 4pm
CALLED BY LOVE Intensive with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends
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April 2014 CBL Flyer Jesus Story

Have you ever thought about the Jesus Story as a roadmap for spiritual awakening?

If that is the requirement for being ‘Raised Up’, why is Holy Saturday not talked about, even by the church, more often?  Is there a significance that has been overlooked, or not understood at the level of deepest Mystery?

Adyashanti, in his newest book, Resurrecting Jesus, Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic, devotes an entire chapter to this Map of Awakening.  You are invited to explore this profound Mystery as a possible template for your own life.

This is a journey that we can Realize internally.  Yet to understand it, you need to Become It.  It is beyond the logical rational mind.  It is of a Higher Order of Wisdom.

Learn and experience, perhaps, as part of your own life:

THE CALLING:  The impulse that galvanizes your attention and reorients your life to a different trajectory.  Did you recognize it when it happened?

THE AWAKENING:  Awake from what you had thought was ‘normal’ to your deep Essence.  Identify the moment of shift from one order of reality to another in your life.  Was there a Void, an Emptiness, from which ‘downloads’ began to come?

TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS:  What was your 40 days in the wilderness experience?    How did outer circumstances exquisitely test you?  What was torn apart?  How is this a form of Purification?  How did you move forward?

ABIDING TRANQUILITY:  What happened to your personal will?  Your human emotions?  What did you sense in this time?

THE TRANSFIGURATION:  What is this Extraordinary Vitality, this feeling of a very deep and powerful Radiance?  How does it change you?

RELINQUISHMENT:  What do our experiences of our own forms of crucifixion in our own lives really mean?  Have you ever felt completely abandoned?  How is it a process of Re-Birth?

THE TRANSMUTATION:  What does your resurrected life look like?  How is it different from the ‘old ways’ of being?  How does it relate to the way that you live in the world?

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The Intensive is taking place in the Sanctuary ~ Unity of Tustin at 14402 S. Prospect Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780.
GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 7pm  &  HOLY SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 10am to 4pm

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“Where are you? Where are we?” New Tele Course with Dr. Marj Britt in April 2014

FOUR WEDNESDAYS in APRIL ~ April 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd at 10amPDT

In the natural flow of things, there are times in our lives when we PAUSE… where we sometimes survey the maps, the CHOICE POINTS about future destinations, sometimes even called DESTINY.  We pause to REFLECT, sometimes REVIEW, even perhaps RESEARCH, take a look at some POTENTIALS in order to go forth once again with RENEWED ENERGY and COMMITMENT… even into the UNKNOWN realms of perhaps unexplored territories and experiences.

Let’s explore together where we are…

What are our GLIMPSES OF THE KOSMIC PLAN that are unfolding in our own lives and in the world? Let’s explore in the Synergy of the We Space what our own Authentic Life might Reveal…

Be part of our growing Worldwide Campus of Consciousness from the comfort of your home. Live Tele Classes (and replays) and Private online community with deep levels of shares. You are invited to join Dr. Marj Britt for a new 4-week deeply experiential process…  with you bringing your own life into the curriculum…

OVERVIEW of the 4-week Tele Course  “Where Are You?  Where Are We?”: 

Wed, April 2nd
The Way of Letting Go:  How do we ‘do it’ when ‘it’ keeps coming up?

Wed, April 9th
Stepping Stones Along the Way:
  How does our experience and expression change as we live the Monumental Leap?

Wed, April 16th
Seeing the Shadow Dance in the Dazzling Darkness.

Wed, April 23rd
The Delightful Discovery: Coming into the Power of Love.
Aligning with New Paradigms of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Living the Transformation.

Free Pre-Call Replay, Information and Registration at:
EARLY-BIRD:  $75  USD by March 26 (25% off) or $100  USD after March 26


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March 14, 7-9pm and March 15, 10am-4pm
With Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

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CBL March2013 Intensive
Have you wondered…how in the world does it all fit together???  Has it ever felt overwhelming, beyond understanding?

Have you begun to integrate some of the ‘words, phrases or symbols’ you have heard or learned?  Things like ‘Spirit, Soul and Body’, or perhaps ‘Maps of Consciousness’ or ‘Stages and States’?

Have you considered your life as an Evolutionary Process with perhaps Developmental Stages?  Have you asked, “Where Am I?” and “Where do I begin?”

Have you been fascinated by the possibility of ‘Multiple Levels of Reality existing simultaneously’?  Have you wondered… “Is it really what happened and is it now still happening in my life?”

Have you questioned and asked “Why did it happen?”  Have you struggled with understanding and felt like you were in a ‘fog’?  Have you wanted to see Clearly?

Discover how ‘Different languages for Different Countries’ may be part of your coming into ‘Clear Seeing’.

Explore how…just possibly…it all works together, all of the time…in your own life, in other’s lives and in the world.

This intensive will integrate all of the sites in Unity of Tustin’s beautiful Meditation Gardens.
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Love in the Spiral ~ New Telecourse with Marj Britt


It’s about…
Back to the Future & Forward to the Past” ~ Don Beck

Are you a Kosmic Explorer?

Do you find fascination with stages of life and wonder about finding yourself in the complexities of the Spiral?

Have you felt the momentous paradigm shift that goes from horizontal awareness with
translation to vertical awareness with knowing the Ways of Transformation?

Find Love in The Spiral. Your Alpha & your emerging Omega. Your Double Rainbow…
Bring new awareness to your Kosmic 1,000 Piece Puzzle.

You are invited to join Dr. Marj Britt for a 4-week deeply experiential process… with you bringing your own life into the curriculum…

We will explore and map the territory of our lives…the passage ways, the by-ways and the moments in time. We will, in the We Space, lay new Kosmic grooves for each other… that may benefit others to follow.

Be part of our growing worldwide campus of consciousness from the comfort of your home. Live Teleclasses (and replays) and Private online community with deep levels of shares.

Wed, Feb 12:
FREE PRE-CALL OPEN TO ALL with Q & A and Early Bird Offer
Overview of Four Weeks:   YOUR DOUBLE RAINBOW
Potentials and possibilities,  The visible and Invisible
Access event information sent to all participants.

Wed, Feb 19:
‘In the world, not of the world’

Wed, Feb 26:
Do they merge? Overlay?  Partly overlay or not at all?
Am I a mapmaker?  Consciously or unconsciously?

Wed, Mar 5:
What is my Map?  my Unique Gift?  My unique path?
Where Am I in my exploration?

Wed, Mar 12:
How do the Double Rainbows of my Soul inter-relate?
   …with my life, with others, and with the Cosmic Vastness?

EARLY-BIRD ENROLLMENT FEE:    $75  USD by February 12, 2014 (25% off)
$100  USD: ENROLLMENT FEE after February 12, 2014.

More Information, incl. a letter from Marj Britt and Registration at:   

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Who Are The Stars In Your Galaxy?

February 14, 7-9pm and February 15, 10am-4pm
With Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

Click here to register for this Intensive

love spiritualiyIn this month of Love, consider what a great Gift it would be to take some time to recognize and cherish moments and experiences of Love in your life…

A galaxy is one of billions of systems and includes stars. Your galaxy is part of what makes up the Universe. Have you considered that your very life could be part of that Vastness of Cosmic order?

Do you find yourself intrigued with Soul questions, perhaps soul relationships or soul purpose? Have you wondered about your soul’s destiny?

Explore how your life is part of a Greater Evolutionary Plan. Bring into Awareness some of the people, experiences, events, places and moments in time that can give you Glimpses into your Soul’s Plan of Destiny. See how it is part of what is guiding your life!

Recognize the Intersections in Time that changed your life and continue to live as part of you now. Experience how past, present and future are Now…and in Timelessness are One.

So… Who are the Stars in Your Galaxy??? Delight in seeing it, cherish the Knowing and see clearly the Field out of which Stars are born!

In this intensive you will discover the Unity of Tustin Meditation Garden Sites from which your Stars have emerged!

Click here to register for this Intensive

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By Marj Britt, 1-2-2014

“Click on this link: and SEE THE MIRACLE!  It is still available for YOU…”

Sometimes we just have to sit back in Awe . . . and take time to really let it penetrate.  It is truly amazing what a difference a year can make.  One of the gifts of a New Year is that I get emails sometimes from dear friends…who have become ‘way-showers’.   So it was when I heard from Dr. Friedemann Schaub.  I traveled to Egypt with Friedemann and Danielle Rama Hoffman, his beloved wife, a few years ago.

Actually it could have been easily ‘looked over’, it was clearly sent to everyone on his email list.  I read it…and decided to take the time to take it seriously!  I invite you to ask yourself:  Would you have???  Friedemann invited us to get out a pen and writing pad and do a seemingly simple process:  Acknowledge your Successes, Appreciate your Blessings and Embrace the Growth You Have Made.

It all started out with identifying Highlights of 2013…something that most of us may not do as we take a deep breath in anticipation of a New Year, glad to ‘let go’ of some of the things of the old year!  It invited me to identify the Accomplishments that I had created (or helped to create), and notice the Lessons I had Learned.

Interestingly, it also invited me to identify the Blessings I had experienced as well as my Desires and Intentions for 2014.  I found myself adding in the word ‘Yearnings’ here…somehow that took me to the realms of my Soul Yearning for the Bridges between the visible and the Invisible.  It is the Union of Heaven and earth, which has become so real now for me.

Finally, it asked me to identify my Top Five Goals for the coming year.  That’s where it broke down for me…  I’ve moved from setting goals to intentions and even beyond that in my on-going journey into the Mystery.  So…I translated it!  It is a great gift to know how to speak the different languages of the different countries!

I easily moved into my Top Ten Glimpses of Soul Vision for 2014 and then realized that I already had been living the Theme that will remain an ongoing part of my life…  It is Living, Loving, Legacy: Living my destiny, loving my life and realizing legacy.  It is, in the words so familiar to me, Always Already Present!

What I realized was that the year of 2013 had been a benchmark year for me!  I had said ‘Yes’ to a learning curve that was totally beyond anything I’d ever done…or had known how to do.  I kept being clearly guided, I’ve always Known when the Holy Spirit shows up in my life.  Usually, however, I’ve had a sense of how to follow the guidance.  This time I didn’t.  I knew nothing about how to do Tele summits on the platform of the worldwide web!  I would just have to Trust and ‘follow the dots’.

Now, more than a year later…I simply look at it all in AWE…  All of the learning that was overwhelming has given me some of the sweetest, most beautiful, even tender moments of connecting and re-connecting with some of the most incredible Master Teachers on the planet.  All of them have been here teaching at Unity of Tustin.  These amazing Intersections in Time that changed my life had occurred over a period of nineteen years.   And now, they were happening again…renewed.

I couldn’t even have imagined the Blessings that would sweep over my soul as I wrote the invitations, telling them how much they had meant in my life…  Sometimes tears would come as I wrote, recalling moments we had shared, conversations we had, how their teachings had changed the way I saw the world.

And, then the dialogues…the response was overwhelming.  There were 1,938 people who registered to hear the intimate conversations about how these Master Teachers are living their destiny, loving their life and how realizing legacy has happened.  They are mapmakers of consciousness, explorers of unexplored territory.  And in saying ‘Yes’ to the Work of their lives, they have impacted the world.

Suddenly, I saw, as if for the first time, that all of the pieces of my ‘overwhelm’ had been the building blocks of my confidence.  They had all been part of taking what had felt wonderful to me, my role as Senior Minister of Unity of Tustin for nineteen years, into a Vaster dimension that was somehow inviting me to say ‘Yes’ to what I couldn’t understand:  “You are now Called By Love…”

What is so clear now is that all of it was coming together in ways that my human mind could never understand.  Only the Experience of saying ‘Yes’ to the Unknowing would bring it into Clear Seeing.  And out of that would come an incredible feeling of total comfort and what the world would call amazing success…achieved only in the We Space of a passionately committed and talented team…all Called By Love.

Now, I realize I’m seeing a Vision again…  Dreaming it (both by day and at night), learning how to do it, co-creating it, developing the team that is also Called By Love, and seeing how the Vision sets the Field for the Worldwide platform in the Invisible.  That word…Worldwide…that I ‘got’ driving through a blinding snowstorm going across the planes of Kansas over 20 years ago…before the internet even existed.

So, one of the Highlights of 2013 has been seeing the immense shock and grief of the whiteboard of my life being erased begin to dissolve into Immense Gratitude that is becoming Joy…  Now I experience parallel universes, existing simultaneously.

The Yearnings, the Desires, the Intentions for 2014?  That would include exploring Soul territory, new maps and the bridges in-between of Radical Inclusivity…  The Lessons I have learned would include ‘don’t try to rush it’…Grief that is so deep simply takes time…  And The Love Continues…Forever…

These things I know, as I say ‘Yes’ to stepping into the role of a Master Teacher on the worldwide web.  I also know that this Spiral is about a Vertical and a Horizontal matrix.  And it’s about seeing Our Lives as a Living Laboratory.

You can still listen…  It’s on  I invite you to say “Yes”.

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Finding Your Golden Thread Telecourse with Marj Britt

Worldwide, from the comfort of your home
Wed. JANUARY 8th ~ 15th~ 22nd & 29th @ 1o am PST/1pm EST
Register at

Picture 12

Much like Constance Kellough and Eckhart Tolle (as described in her interview), there is a Golden Thread in your Life. And there are INTERSECTIONS IN TIME that are related to the potentials of your Golden Threads intersecting with potential others. You may want to re-listen to Constance Kellough’s replay. Together, in the Synergy of a vibration of We-Space, you will begin to uncover it.

You have experienced some of the World’s Greatest Mapmakers of Consciousness and have heard their stories, seen through the LENS OF THEIR OWN LIVES. NOW, SEE CLEARLY your own story, your own map, through the lens of your own life. You will see the BENCHMARKS, the INTERSECTIONS IN TIME, and more . . .

You will see Past, Present and Future as NOW, with MULTIPLE REALITIES EXISTING SIMULTANEOUSLY. . . for those who have the eyes to see.

January 8: Together we will begin the journey, individually and in the We-Space

January 15: Seeing some of your own LIFE THEMES, PATTERNS, GIFTS and more, we will include a
GOLDEN THREAD ASSIGNMENT…which you will design for yourself, we might call it a FIELD TRIP for EXPLORING THE TERRITORY . . .

January 22: Check-In, Group Coaching, Questions & Answers and Sharing

January 29: UNLOCKING THE CODES . . . Where are we Now? What is your WHY? WHAT? HOW?

Registration: ~ $100, four Wednesdays in Jan.


Dr. Marj Britt founded Called by Love in 2011 as the Universe began to call her to a worldwide platform that was beyond the ‘bricks & mortar’ platform of Unity of Tustin. Marj was a visionary leader of Unity of Tustin, California, for 19 years. Widely known for its beautiful meditation gardens and as a Campus of Consciousness, Unity of Tustin hosted some of the foremost master teachers of today. Marj has also served as senior minister for two ministries in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before ministry, she completed a doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts School of Education, with a focus in curriculum, psychological education, and counseling. For her dissertation, ‘Life Patterns of High Success’, the School of Business was represented on her dissertation committee as an ‘outside member’. She attended seminary at Unity School of Christianity and was ordained in 1988. She has served on the seminary board, the Academic Governance Council, as well as in other national leadership roles. She is a mystic in the world, a master teacher, with consciousness and Love as the living flame of her life.

Click here to register for the telecourse.


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JANUARY 10, 7-9pm, and JANUARY 11, 10am-4pm, 2014

Click here to register for this Intensive

spirtiualityThe New Year is beginning… Have your ‘old ways’ of goal setting stopped working? Or, maybe…they never really worked long term, things ‘came and then they ‘dissolved’ or changed…

What may be happening in your life is that you are shifting from human perspectives into greater and greater levels of Soul Awareness.

Amazing spiritual teachers have ‘foretold it’… Don Beck in Spiral Dynamics says that when we transition into Second Tier Consciousness, the ‘developmental tasks of the First Tier will come up again…and we must learn to see them with ‘new eyes’.

Jesus said: ‘If your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light.’

Ken Wilber says that when we experience the Monumental Leap into the Second Tier that it is important that we acknowledge that we are at the leading edge…and that we have to RE-LEARN EVERYTHING… and that now, we must find ways to TRANSLATE, not just to transform.

Jean Houston says that we become Spelunkers of our Heart and Mind.

When we live from the perspective of our Soul, consciously or unconsciously, how does it “show up” differently?

How do some of the same issues re-emerge again…like safety, security, the yearning for harmony and a wanting to find ‘our tribe’, to know where we belong? How do we again get signs and symbols that seem magical? How do we seek Kin-Spirits in what sometimes seems like a mysterious world?

You are invited to explore some of the Imprints of your own Soul that are about Destiny, Passion and Purpose. Begin to understand why it may never have felt ‘quite right’ and will…as you Align with your Soul. Recognize the Knowing that comes from Beyond the rational mind, the Knowing in the Unknowing that aligns with your heart.

This intensive will explore the Parallel Worlds of all of the stations in Unity of Tustin’s beautiful meditation gardens…and how to Bridge those worlds.

Click here to register for this event

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Dr Marj Britt Interviewed for Consciousness Raising Summit

Dr. Marj Britt is interviewed by Dr Veronika Tracy-Smith for the Consciousness Raising Summit. This is a moving interview about how her life’s journey has lead to helping raise the consciousness on the planet.

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CALLED BY LOVE INTENSIVE:  December 13, 7-9 and December 14, 10-4

Click here to register for this Intensive

spiritual growth through loveHave you ever felt like a lot of the world relates through people trying to get their needs met, even while feeling isolation?  Have you felt that way at times?

And yet, do you also know that beyond that, we still feel and influence each other?
Do you simply ‘know’ that Beyond that…there is something more…

Do ‘normal’ relationships seem limited, often requiring a whole lot of effort?
Have you ever felt ‘exhausted’ by it all…that it seems like there is no end to the drama or the complexity?

And yet, have you still sensed that there is something more…where both the relationship and the souls involved in the relationship could shift…  That there has to be a way to ‘tune in’ with a whole new Field of Being, a greater Reality?

This is the Field of Living Love in the Perfection of It’s All Perfect.
Learn how to access this Field through ‘the space between’…
And if you are asking ‘What is That???’  You’ll find out, if you are willing.

Discover what is needed in evolutionary commitment…that takes you and potentially your relationships beyond the ‘Sufficiency of Chaos’.  Learn the Keys to engagement that continuously open into new dimensions of relating.

Experience staying True to what is possible, even in the ‘appearance’ of the impossible.

Learn how to live from the edge of what is unfolding ‘between’ and the Synergy of the Vastness that can emerge from That ‘third force’.

Discover why our sensitivity to influence is crucial, as well as our willingness to be influenced…without losing connection with the Essence of the All That Is.

Explore the potentials and the discerning edges of Radical Trust necessary for an evolutionary relationship.  Learn how to deepen and grow through broken trust.

Experience the Gift of what it means to truly See and Be Seen.  Explore the amazing potential of entering a whole new Paradigm of Being.

This intensive is based on Site 6, symbolizing Love and Wisdom, in Unity of Tustin’s beautiful Meditation Gardens.

Click here to register for this Intensive

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