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Upcoming Intensive

Called By Love &
Unity Of Tustin:
August 14 & 15 2015

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The Flower is within You

Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends 


Friday July 10, 7-9 pm and Saturday July 11, 9am (dreamwork) – 1:00pm (Sunrise Poppies Painting)

This intensive will be held at Unity Of Tustin (14402 S. Prospect Ave., Tustin CA 92780) on the above dates.



Discover your artistic expression:
Create your own canvas! 

On Saturday, join us and discover your artistic expression as you create your own canvas painting. More than merely beautiful, you and the poppy symbolize beauty, magic, and eternal life.

A little nervous to paint? Don’t be. No experience necessary and all material will be provided. Our talented instructor, Ric Kolibar, will guide us step by step. You will be amazed at your creation. It is yours to take home in remembrance of this special day. Ric graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelors in Studio Art and Design.

Discover the difference between your right brain creativity, and your left brain logic. Also, hear Marj’s Big News. Marj signed a contract with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House for a book on the Codes of Co-Creation.

On Friday, we will continue the dream work with David Jonathan.

To guarantee your spot for Saturday painting, register by Tuesday July 7th at the latest.  REGISTER by writing to or by submitting your Love Offering (+ $10 material fee) using the Donate button below. Your donation is tax deductible.



Shifts and changes:

  • New time on Saturday: 9 am-1pm
  • Love donation based (in addition to $10 material fee for Saturday painting)
  • Advanced registration needed by July 7th to guarantee your spot for Saturday painting. See above.
  • Wear “painting clothes” on Saturday. Explore HOW you paint on an empty Canvas!

Friday July 10, 7-9 pm (Dream Work with David Jonathan)
Saturday July 11, 9am – 1:00pm (Sunrise Poppies Painting with Ric Kolibar)

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CALLED BY LOVE intensive, June 12, 7-9pm and June 13, l0am – 4pm


Click here to register for this Intensive

Are you yearning to express YOUR OWN TRUE VOICE? Are there moments in time, even NOW, in your life that you don’t understand? What are you drawn to, what ‘thoughts’ keep coming, what are you exploring?

What have you searched ‘high and low’ for? How is it DIFFERENT & UNIQUE? When have you had the feeling that you wanted more? What are you doing now, in New Ways?

June2015IntensiveClick here to register for this Intensive

Are there symbols, music, quotes, numbers, that are part of you heart and soul?

Have there been ‘Intersections in Time’ with people that changed your life?

Have you had Glimpses that feel like something ‘you’ve been waiting for’?




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iHeartOC Giving Day: 30 hours (April 21 to noon on April 22) ~ Support Called by Love Institute with your donations and join us for our special events with Marj Britt

You have heard about it… and it is finally here!!! HeartOC Giving Day is happening this Tuesday April 21 and until noon on Wedn. April 22. 

30 hours to give & receive…  

The direct link to support Called by Love Institute with your donations on the iHeartOC Website is:

We also have our special events as our thank you to you!!!  See information on the trilogy of the events we will offer by clicking here, it will open the iHeartOC CBLI Timeline.

Support #iHeartOC and Called by Love Institute

Support #iHeartOC and Called by Love Institute

Thank you for sharing your support with your donation during the iHeartOC 30 hours at ~ The Orange County Community Foundation is magnifying your donations with bonuses and prizes until Wed. April 22 at noon.

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iHeartOC: Are you Called by Love? Two special event with Dr. Marj Britt on April 21

On April 21/22, Called by Love Institute is joining the Orange County Community Foundation for the very first iHeartOC Day. YOU ARE INVITED!
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.13.03 PM

Join us with Dr. Marj Britt 
for our two special events 
on Tuesday April 21:

  • 10:00 am: Worldwide Call
  • 6:00 pm: Talk about the Codes of Co-Creation followed by a Sunset Walk 
in the meditation gardens 
at Unity of Tustin in OC, CA

Both events are free. You can register by clicking here or on the page.  

Donations are Welcome 
as part of iHeartOC Day from 6:00 am on April 21 to noon on April 22. During those hours, use this link to donate: Your online tax-deductible donations will be matched by the OCCF and eligible 
for prizes during those 30 hours. We thank YOU!

For more information about iHeartOC and our events, go to

Called by Love Institute iHeartOC Events April 21 2015

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“Are you Called by Love?” Join Marj Britt in Tustin on April 21 as part of iHeartOC

Be Part of History iHeartOC CBLI participating

As part of iHeartOC, you are invited to join Dr Marj Britt for a talk at 6:00 pm
on Tuesday April 21 followed by a walk in the Meditation Gardens
in Tustin, California. 

CBL iHeartOC at UoT on April 21 picture with Marj and text


“Are you Called by Love?”

Learn from Marj about the Codes of Creation that are thousands of years old and can be mystically understood. See the Template of your life, perhaps with new eyes, as Marj guides us through all the stations of the Unity of Tustin Meditation Gardens.

Love, in all of its forms, is the Tipping Point that can shift your life.
And through Love, you can be part of the Shift of the planet yourself.

Join us and explore the Faces of Love in your own life…

Access and know your Soul Destiny and Purpose,
maybe for the first time.


All are invited ~ Donations Welcome Support iHeartOC:
online donations on the iHeartOC website will be matched from 6 am on April 21 to noon on April 22 by the Orange County Community Foundation, and eligible for prizes. 

For more information about iHeartOC and all the ways you can participate with Called by Love Institute go to

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Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

April 3, 7-9 (including Dream Work with David Jonathan)
and April 4, 10am – 4pm

At Unity of Tustin
14402 Prospect Ave, 
Tustin, California 92780
Click here to register for this Intensive


Click here to register for this Intensive

Have there been events in your life that didn’t always ‘make sense’ to the human mind?  Have there been ‘wipe-outs’ or ‘tomb’ experiences that seemed to ‘knock you off your feet’?

With the deep Awareness of Holy Week and the Marker Events of that imprint, we will EXPLOREtogether some of the questions of deep MYSTERY

Find moments, an event or circumstance of ‘DISSOLVE’ in your life and open to the possibility of ‘Multiple Realities Existing Simultaneously’

DISCOVER the inner Dimensions of the ‘IN-BETWEEN TIMES’, the VOID…that may be very different from the outer dimensions.

SEE clearly, or perhaps in a VEILED dimension, the SHIFT into DIMENSIONS OF YOUR SOUL DESTINY.

OPEN to the COSMIC question and, perhaps answer, of ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’ 


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Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

March 13, 7-9 pm (including Dream Work) and March 14, 10am – 4pm

How is a PARABLE different from ‘the way’ many or even most ‘stories’ get told?

Click here to register for this Intensive

SEEING YOUR LIFE AS A PARABLEConstance Kellough, adventurer in consciousness with Eckhart Tolle, wrote about www.LivingLovingLegacy, “Do not miss the most powerful parables of our time – the new scripture – shared by some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers.” Did you know BOTH OF THEM have taught from the platform at Unity of Tustin?

Have you ever considered that your life could be A KIND OF PARABLE???

EXPLORE of your own HIDDEN PARABLES. Find the links, perhaps, to your DESTINY connections. Find your GOLDEN THREAD, see deep meaning in some of your INTERSECTIONS IN TIME.

The CLUES will be found in the very moments and experiences to your own life!

Click here to register for this Intensive

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How is Your Heart 
Leading You? ~ Message and Free Replay of the Call with Marj

A Message from Marj
“Follow your heart…  It will never lie to you…” 
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Called By Love with Dr. Marj Britt & Friends

February 13, 7-9 pm (including Dream Work) and February 14, 10am – 4pm

Click here to register for this Intensive

spiritual intensive

What are the many FACES OF LOVE in your life, faces that make you Uniquely You? Do you include Romantic Relationships (for Valentine’s Day!), Family, Friends, even Vocations or Avocations that you love, things, experiences and people that give you Passion and Purpose?

How has it CHANGED OR SHIFTED as you have changed or shifted, perhaps in different decades of your life? How do you deal with the IN-BETWEEN TIMES?

What are the KEYS to continuing to LIVE the HIGHER AND DEEPER REACHES OF LOVE? How do we cherish and experience the INTIMACY and JOY? How do we deal with times of LOVE bringing loneliness and loss?

How do you ‘live’ your VOWS of evolving Commitment, Passion and Purpose? Is there a Greater Love unfolding in the We Space of Evolutionary Consciousness?

Click here to register for this Intensive

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Ready to reignite your life? Join Marj Britt interviewed by Jeanne Byrd [Free Online Event]

Get Reignited!  Join Marj and 20 of the world’s leading women experts for the Reignite Your Life Free Online Event!

[Free Online Event from January 12-21, 2015]
[Marj’s interview date: January 16, 2015]

Register for free by clicking here 

Reignite your Life Free Summit

Ready to reignite your life? Join Marj Britt, Patricia Albere, Claire Zammit, Katherine Woodward Thomas and more interviewed by Jeanne Byrd on the Reignite Your Life Free Online Event

* Are you at a crossroads and looking for deeper fulfillment?
* Ready to embrace and enjoy the second half of your life?
* Tired of the status quo?
* Know there is more to life than the same old, same old?
* Tired of being told its part of the aging process?

It’s time to address those long ignored yearnings!
Ready to reboot and revolutionize your midlife?
What if you could hear from some of the world’s leading women experts and get their best advice on how to reignite, reenergize, reboot and revolutionize your midlife? Advice that is tested and true…and actually helps! Now imagine having access to all of them for free!

This is exactly what my colleague (and Transformational Coach) Jeanne Byrd has done with the Reignite Your Life Free Online Event for Women 50+!

Starting January 12th, 2015 you’ll have access to incredible experts who will all give you advice you can use right away.  Marj interview will be available on January 16th.

To register, click on this link and sign up now! 

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